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SECURITY blog: Re-enforced or upgraded lock

Be sure to use a good strike plate, or bigger strikeplate, and drill screws 2-3 inches into the surrounding frame.  Use reputable brands of at least a grade 2 lock.  A good rating, along with re-enforcement, makes a solid barrier.  If you spend a little more, grade 1 locks like Schlage are somewhat heavier and longer than an average lock.  We recommend either adding a 2nd standard deadbolt, grade 1 lock, or both.  We also re-enforce the entire way, into the turn side, and into the frame.  It makes the door much harder to kick, than those which are minimally installed.

Temporary Access:  If you have an employee like a maid or construction workers, consider a different lock for the handle vs deadbolt or deadbolts.  You can also use an electronic keypad lock, and give them a temporary code or change the code after.  This makes it less expensive, since you won't have to change the lock.  With the door handle, it's much cheaper than your quality deadbolt lock.  We also recommend cameras, so it will be recorded who has access to what and uses it.  The camera will record when they mis-use it, and is also a deterrent.  The most ideal, safe situation is to avoid a problem.

7/19/2020, Broward Locksmiths

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Locksmith Blog, jammed or stiff Locks

If the lock or door still feels heavy, this can be from lock grime or door aging.  Over many years with weight and weather, doors start to mold into a new position.  They're not as straight as they used to be.  We call this door warping or door drop.  Often times the door can be re-set, or re-enforced within it's frame.  Broward Locksmiths are trained in carpentry to work on doors, cut hinges and lock sets, and modify metal, to properly set your door.  From newly installed doors to current ones, we can do the work properly and save you money.  Also making your home more secure.

Using Lubricants:  We don't recommend using graphite to lubricate older locks.  It tends to clump up and still have grime.  WD-40 also thickens, and isn't recommended.  We use industrial lubricants that don't dry, and stay lubricated.  We also recommend checking door alignment and calibrating locks (see prior blog entry).  It'll function much better, and keep you safe.

7/16/2020, Broward Locksmiths

Broward LocksmithS, Security Issues

Deadbolt is Tight:  This will lessen the lifetime of the lock, and slowly weaken it.  If the deadbolt is too tight, it will put pressure on it's fasteners, housing, and even the door jam.  Over time, this will warp and weaken the lock.  It's like banging away with a hammer, on a strong piece of metal.  Eventually it will weaken.  Likewise using a heavy press, on a length of hard metal.  Eventually it will bend.  Locks and doors must be installed in the optimal position.

Deadbolt is Loose:  This is a major security issue.  With a certain amount of play in the door or room to move it, an intruder can bend the door back and forth until they obtain access.  It can be from breaking the lock, or creating a space and entering a tool.  So a loose deadbolt and door is very un-ideal.  Use a professional locksmith to install the lock in the optimal position.  Re-enforce the door if necessary, with additional locks or security.

7/15/2020, Broward Locksmiths